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Manor House Farm Leeds

Manor House Farm near Leeds.

This building built in 1495 and grade 2 listed had been converted in to semi detached properties in the 1930’s, one with a flying freehold over the other. It was purchased by a developer for restoration and conversion back into a single property and I was engaged to design the conversion and gain all the necessary approvals.

Listed Buildings can lead to protracted discussions with planning officers and conservation officers but because this scheme involved the demolition of a pre 1948 outbuilding the application had to be referred to English Heritage which meant a long consultation process. Eventually the application was approved and work commenced. The timber frame was partially restored, some roof timbers replaced and others reinforced, sand and cement render was removed and replaced with lime render, stonework was exposed and re-pointed, stone hood moulds and mullions were repaired or refitted where previously removed and  the interior fitted.

When complete the whole process had taken 18 months.

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