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Restoration , refurbishment and remodelling house in York.

This grade2 listed house built in 1860 is located in St Pauls Square in York. The square itself is unique in York. The property has had a chequered history having previously been converted from a family home into flats and back again into a family home.

Our client purchased the property which still retained some of the redundant features from  the period when it was flats whilst having lost some of the original features of the 1860’s family house. Our brief was to restore and refurbish the property, removing the external steel fire escape and other paraphernalia associated with the flats and restore original features and those lost.  The accommodation was to be remodelled creating a larger house bathroom ,an ensuite bathroom and an open plan basement kitchen diner with access onto a sunken patio at the rear of the property through new French doors.

Restoration , refurbishment and remodelling house in York.

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