Commercial & Light Industrial Services

We have over 30 years experience working in the commercial sector.

Commercial and Light Industrial Architectural Servicesural Services

Whether a speculative development or purpose designed for an end user, new build or a conversion we have over 30 years experience working in the commercial and light industrial sector on projects both large and small.

Buildings designed for an end user are process orientated the use of the building dictates its size, the layout, access, parking, manoeuvrability within the building and the site and services required.

With speculative developments the developer has to know the market that he wishes to focus on. That decision will dictate much of the criteria for the design but without an end user the building design has to be flexible and to be able to be adapted to suite many users. To achieve flexibility of design many speculative buildings are developed as a shell with services brought in to strategic points. The building is then ‘fitted out’ by the end user or by the developer to an agreed specification with the tenant.

Whether speculative or purpose designed these building have to be cost effective. The whole structure has to be carefully designed to be as economic as possible and to be constructed as quickly as possible. Cost effectiveness can be increased in the long term by using the large expanses of roofs and service areas associated with some buildings to incorporate Renewable Technologies. Photovoltaic roof panels and wind turbines produce electricity with an income from excess production fed into the National Grid. Solar hot water panels for domestic hot water and rainwater harvesting for washing vehicles and flushing WC’s etc. can also increase long term cost effectiveness.